Top Beauty tips for taking care of your skin face

Our skin, as any other organ, has also basic needs that to be taken care of, this is the reason why nowadays we can find many skin care treatments for our visages. On the first place, it needs to be as cleansed as possible. On the second place, we need to protect ourselves from the sun and other environmental effects. Since the skin of our face has more sebaceous glands than any other of our organs, it is necessary to take the right measures and to take care of the middle area of our forehead, our eye area, our nose and our chin. A small treatment for our skin face in combination with a large treatment before going to bed could lead to great results. Once you start noticing the results with this beauty treatment, you can continue applying more tips.

Tips for taking care of your skin face

During the morning, cleanse your face with warm water and with a creamy cleanser or a purifying  gel, remember to have a damp face before applying this tip. You can do this while showering or just after waking up Try not to use bar soaps since they remove the natural moisturizing skin agents’, drying it.

Toning your skin’s face is also incredibly important because it gives you the chance of removing any cleansing cream or makeup residue. A tonic lotion can also help you restore the original PH levels of your skin, leaving you a cleansed, clear and ready-for-moisturizing cream.

After following this treatment for your skin’s face (read more here), you then must apply a moisturizing cream or day cream. A moisturizing cream leaves you with a softer and firmer skin. It also helps you to soften those fine lines and to prevent skin dryness.  Applying sunscreen after your moisturizing lotion is also completely possible.

Finally, when wearing makeup (if you decide to do so), the color of your products must match the tone of your skin. Never use a base that is darker than your skin tone, remember it should always look natural.

You must also apply a special treatment and cream for your skin during the night. First, clean your face with warm water in combination with a creamy cleanser or a purifying gel. These skin cleansers will remove your makeup by simultaneously washing your face. After that, you must apply the tonic lotion, the easiest way to do this is by applying the lotion in a small cotton.

Exfoliation in the skin

Now, while your face is still wet, it is time to exfoliate. The exfoliation is a process which contributes to the removal of skin’s dead cells, the ones guilty of making our face look opaque. Also, the accumulation of dead cells is also the cause of clogged pores, which at the end cause acne.

This accumulation of dead cells won’t allow the skin products to do their job, this is where we see its importance. By exfoliating your skin, you clarify it and you provide it with a natural bright. To apply, massage softly and rinse

This process can be carried out every night or once or twice per week, depending on the type of exfoliating lotion you use and on your skin’s conditions.

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